Arcane Quest Legends

Enjoy an epic, classic offline Action RPG experience with beautiful graphics, cool magic spells, hundreds of equipment options and a fantastic story line.

Arcane Quest Legends is a revolutionary action RPG, hack & slash experience that delivers great gameplay opportunities and unique mechanics for you to enjoy and explore. Your primary focus is to explore the Realm of Auria, identify the enemies in front of you and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Complete hundreds of quests

Arcane Quest Legends combines the great, action packed hack& slash experience with a very good story. You are a mercenary working for the baron, however you discover a bigger plan and have to kill the bad guys as quickly as possible to free the land. Arcane Quest Legends comes with hundreds of quests for you to solve and explore, and it brings in front intense mechanics that you will enjoy all the time.

A huge variety of monsters

You have hordes of monsters like zombies, demons, skeletons, goblins, orcs and many others. In addition, there are mini-bosses and level bosses that you have to eliminate in order to surpass the competition. All you need is to check out Arcane Quest Legends and test your skills in these upcoming battles.

Create your own character and class

Arcane Quest Legends doesn’t have predefined classes, so you can choose your own fate and improve your skills as you go along. You just have to kill enemies, level up and unlock new skills and gear. There are dozens of possibilities to make this character your own, just try and pick whatever suits your style. You can be a wizard, ranger, warrior or a mix or all of these classes if you want!

Tons of loot

Loot is at the heart of Arcane Quest Legends, and you have thousands of different items to acquire from enemy drops. There are powerful sets and equipment that you can upgrade and improve to boost your attacks and defense, all while trying to save the land.

Multiple levels to play through

The Arcane Quest Legends level design is astounding and it allows you to play at your own pace. You are free to select whatever gameplay ideas you want and the attention to detail is always among some of the best on the market. Moreover, you are always encouraged to boost your gameplay power and evolve as you see fit.

Completely offline

You don’t have to be online to play Arcane Quest Legends. Once you download the game, you can be away from any internet connection and play it at your own leisure. This makes it a great game for commuting or long road trips without internet.

Check out Arcane Quest Legends today and experience the ultimate hack&slash experience you always wanted!

Enjoy an epic, classic offline Action RPG experience with beautiful graphics!




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